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Theatrical and Literary Agent for Spencer Maguire author and show runner for BBC's Ninth Circle, plus comedians Len and Tommy of Cheese and Crackers.
Ninth Circle
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Ninth Circle
A tribute to Simon and Gavin. As executor to the late Simon Smethurst I wish to honour his legacy and wishes by creating this twitter for the fans of Ninth Circle. I also wish to pass on my condolences to Gavin Muhammed and his family.
Join our Agency Now. I want to encourage more young writers like Simon and Gavin.
I only got to meet Simon the once just before he died but had exchanged emails with him for many months. The world has lost a really great intelligence and charm, he would have surely gone on to be one of the greatest scriptwriters the world has seen. We are currently in production of series 8 and 9 based on ideas by himself and his close friend Gavin. As part of the settlement with the Smethurst family, Spencer Maguire has agreed for the last episode of season 7 to be re-shot to his plans. Spencer Maguire is currently serving a 13 year sentence for murder where he is tortured by his momentary lack of reason brought on by heavy drinking. As his agent I wish to pass on his regret for the incident and more regret to the gay community for the 'Gay Panic' defense he used in court. He has now had counseling and has come to terms with his homosexuality. Coming out to his friends. He is supporting of the LGBT+ community who have always been great fans of the series.
Spencer Maguire
Spencer Maguire is son of Bolton based Civil Engineering firm Maguires founded by Robert Maguire. Spencer was educated at Marlborough College where he was bullied for his Northern Accent. He won the school's literary prize three years running. He gained a place a Cambridge to Study Classic obtaining a first class degree remaining there to be a curator at theMuseum of Classical Archaeology. There he met his wife Fiona hand had two sons Peter and Rupert both grown up now. Whilst working at the museum he produced his first novel The Lamentations of Giotto, a fictionalised account of the 14th century Italian artist. He was rejected by all the major publishers before arriving at my door. For a small £1000 fee and just 10% of future works I agreed to help him self publish. Only a eighty copies of the first edition were sold and the rest pulped. They are worth £10,000 each now. I pressed Spencer to write something more commercial, whereupon he produced the first of his The Ninth Circle novels The Ninth Circle I - Flame of Aurora. The Ninth Circle I - Flame of Aurora. 2007 This was an instant success after being recommended by Richard and Julie Book Club. It was lucky that I was bale to give them a copy at the 2008 hunt ball. It Times top 10 list of recommended reads that year. By 2009 it was number one is the Best Seller List. The Ninth Circle II - The Hunger of Winter swiftly followed acheieving Number 1 Best Seller - Winner of the Asimov Prize for fiction. followed by The Ninth Circle III - Thaxos IIanother Number 1 Best Seller The Ninth Circle IV - Dante's DesireNumber 1 Best Seller - Boosted by the TV adaptation, the release of the book had fans queueing around blocks being reported on by news outlets around the world. The Ninth Circle V - The Snakes of TemptationNumber 1 Best Seller. He was pressed to write the next novel so that the next two seasons could be filmed back to back which he achieved. I was at this point he started drinking heavily. At the time he was on set in Athens and spending along time away from his family. He was also suffering from an severe allergic reaction to the horses used on set. The Ninth Circle VI - Carter The Unstoppable. Still achieving a Top 10 Best Seller. At this point Spencer was burning the candle at both ends. Being away from home such a great deal put a strain on his marriage leading to an expensive divorce. Rushing to interviews, and having to do a last minute rewrite of the script for Season 5 due to production difficulties and delays in the heavy special effects laden episode 2. Spencer swapped the Chastity and Charity episodes compared to the book leving a few traces of the rearrangement and angering some of the purist fans. Spencer, ever the perfectionist, felt he had run out of ideas and decided to end the series with. The Ninth Circle VII - The Fall of the Circum Temple that was released the same time as the series aired. This still acheieved a Top 100 Best Seller rating. Spencer is currently handwriting this novel in gaol which I type it up for him. He has signed up for three more novels in the series with much of the advance going into legal fees he has incurred in recent years. starting with The Ninth Circle VIII - The Repentent Prisoner. The Ninth Circle IX and The Ninth Circle X are under development.
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I am a keen horse rider, taking part in the Maidenhead Hunt led by Alex Redmond, with my horses stabled at Dorney Lake. I put my back out carrying a straw bale in my wheelbarrow for them a couple of years ago. I have been modernising a 16th Century Mansion for the last few years. Project Managing the construction myself.
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